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Never lose contact again with friends, family, classmates, business contacts and organization members. People often give and exchange contact information or hand out business cards, but lose contact after changing jobs, phone numbers, email addresses or relocating. Also, Class Reunion Committees and Organizations are often unsuccessful at locating classmates and members they have lost contact with. Well now there's a better way for individuals to keep in contact, and for organizations to maintain contact with members. The system not only allows you to create your custom Personal Contact Code to give out, your current contact information is also online! After you have created your Code, you can send it by email, put it on your current business cards or on your WeMetCards as an automatic member of Anyone you have given your code to can simply come to and enter your code to get updated contact information. Your online Member Page lets you control what information is viewed and it can be updated anytime! When someone visits your Member Page, they can send you an email message through the automated system and your personal email address remains private until you give it out. Members can post personal and/or business information, upload logos, photos, post videos and more. You can also post and search classifieds, start your own blog, and you get automatic access to the entire Wemetcard Contact Services System, along with many other Premium member benefits!

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